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Parks and play street ride report

8 July 2024

Before noon, on a sunny Sunday in June, the ride leader and marshals waited expectantly at The Hub café in Lordship Rec. Gradually families arrived from all directions, and soon after noon about 30 people on bikes of all sizes set off.

Laura, our ride leader, and Ben, our coordinator, like the Pied Piper, led us through the model traffic area – just as it was designed – and up the gentle hill out of Lordship Rec.

Then across Downhills Park Road (wonderfully quiet as it’s part of Haringey’s Streets for People scheme) and into Downhills Park, by now a line of parents pedalling gently and children, pedalling fast, and out across West Green Road and down LaRose Lane (another quiet street) to Chestnuts Park, pausing at the café where we were joined by a dozen more cyclists.

We set off again down Hermitage Road, marshals making sure that every junction was safe, and car drivers waiting and smiling encouragement at the sight of so many youngsters on the road.

Crossing Green Lanes into Finsbury Park caused quite a traffic jam, as our group takes longer than the green man allows, but even bus drivers waited patiently as our marshals saw everyone across with a friendly wave. The wide, safe roads of Finsbury Park were welcome and we spread out, with some of the younger riders flagging slightly, but we bunched up to leave the park for the less friendly ride along Endymion Road, turning left into Green Lanes. Despite the Sunday shoppers and parked cars, we cycled safely along to Pemberton Road, an uphill challenge for a four-year old! Parents gave plenty of encouragement and the occasional helping push, to get everyone into the traffic-calmed play street.

There, two Dr. Bikes were waiting to do any running repairs. Hooray, we reached our destination! The youngest was in a child-seat, there were a couple of 4-year-olds, and a big group of children aged 6 – 9, who enjoyed the fun of speed-humps (bumpies), accompanied by parents, and with plenty of supporters too.

This is what Haringey Cycling Campaign does best, making ‘safe, enjoyable cycling for all’. For the children, the experience of pedalling along roads, chattering as they ride, is precious, and parents and friends can relax knowing that there are marshals to quieten the cars. Do join our next community ride in September!