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St Ann’s community ride

Calendar icon Sun 30 Apr 2023

Clock icon 11:00-13:00

Location icon Lordship Rec to Markfield Park

Join us on this short family-friendly community walk + wheel + cycle ride from Lordship Rec to Markfield Park.

Join us on this short (2 mile) family-friendly community walk + wheel + cycle ride from Lordship Rec skatepark+BMX area to Markfield Park.

Date and time: Sun, 30 April 2023, 11:00 – 13:00 BST

Start point: Location Lordship Rec Skateboard+BMX area by the Shell Theatre Freedom Road London N17 6HG

This is a safely marshalled group walk and wheel and cycle ride for everyone, including families with children. We will set off from Lordship Recreation ground skatepark + BMX area (by the Shell Theatre) through St Ann’s to Markfield Park N15 6UL.

We will proceed slowly and you are welcome to join on foot, scooter, balance bike, mobility scooter, wheelchair or cycle.

We’ll finish by the cafe in Markfield Park, where the Beam Engine Museum will be open. Markfield Park sits beside the River Lea where the Moselle River flows into it – a convenient point to take the towpath north or south and explore the river, after our ride.

This event is organised by Haringey Cycling Campaign, together with Haringey Living Streets, to enable people of all ages to explore enjoyable ways of getting around Haringey.

This is the third in our series of events on the last Sunday of the month. Look out for our next one on Sun 30 April!

General Information, particularly if attending by bike

Below is the basic information we think you need to know before joining the cycle ride. If there’s something you’d like to know that isn’t covered here, get in touch (

How easy is the ride?

This is an easy 2 mile ride at a leisurely pace, which should be suitable for less experienced riders. We will proceed at the pace of the slowest riders, so we encourage families with younger riders to be near the front of the ride.

Accompanied sensible children are welcome – please stay with them throughout and alert a marshal immediately if you become separated. The cycle ride will take place on roads that may have other traffic, so please keep on the right hand side of your children. Please note it is therefore NOT suitable for very young or unaccompanied children. As much of this ride as possible takes place in parks and on newly quietened roads.

What should I wear?

We’re happy for you to wear whatever you want. However we do recommend you bring a waterproof jacket, gloves and any other clothing/sunscreen suitable for the weather on the day. If you want to wear a helmet or a hi-viz jacket that’s fine too but we don’t insist on either.

Is my bike suitable?

This ride is suitable for a range of cycles. If you are in doubt about the suitability or roadworthiness of your cycle, there are a number of cycle shops in Haringey that can assist you.

What should I bring?

Basic equipment you may wish to consider bringing on the ride:

  • a spare inner tube to fit your bike
  • a bike pump and tools that fit your bike
  • lights if there is a possibility of them being needed
  • drinks and snacks
  • a lock

What do ride leaders do?

All our rides are led by a ride leader who will try to, where possible, keep groups together and try to ride at the pace of the slowest. Ride leaders are experienced Haringey Cycling Campaign and Enfield Cycling Campaign members. They are qualified mechanics, first aiders, and cycling instructors.

Ride leaders are responsible for planning the route and directions during the ride.

Our ride leaders are supported by several marshals who help keep the group together and help the group pass through junctions. You’ll always find a marshal at the back of the group, making sure no one gets left behind.

Individual riders must take responsibility for:

  • checking the information given for the ride, so that you can judge that you are capable of completing the ride
  • informing the ride leader if they have any medical conditions that are important for the ride leader to know about
  • providing the ride leader with their phone number and details of an emergency contact
  • the road-worthiness of their bike
  • their own personal safety on the road
  • complying with the highway code
  • carrying enough refreshments
  • the safety of any children with them
  • listening to, and following, ride leader and marshal instructions.
  • informing the ride leader if they wish to leave the ride (so we don’t end up looking for you)
  • any loss or damage caused (e.g. scratching the paint on a parked car) *

* If you are an LCC member, your membership includes third party insurance which would cover this. We strongly recommend all cyclists have some sort of third party insurance cover. We’d recommend joining the London Cycling Campaign as the best organisation for leisure and utility riders in London.

Please do not turn up to this event if you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

Book free cycle training for adults and children here.

Photo credit for banner photo: Asimina Giagoudaki