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Around Haringey with Cllr McNamara & Cllr Mallett

19 September 2014

3 and a half hours pedalling around the middle third of Haringey, so useful that Cllr McNamara wants to repeat this in both the West and East of the borough in the coming months.

Cllr McNamara with his ‘new’ steed. Haringey Council pool bike number 4.

3 and a half hours pedalling around the middle third of Haringey, so useful that Cllr McNamara wants to repeat this in both the West and East of the borough in the coming months.

Here’s our notes from our first Tour de Haringey (& more photos below)

1Lymington Avenue/ Ashley CresGood example shared use pedestrian area, suitable where relatively low cycle numbers.  Shared use “Pedestrian priority” signage needed
2Lymington Ave / High RdShared use, improvements in progress, signage essential as above
3Sandlings/ Whymark RdBollards difficult to negotiate (sharp turn from LCN 54). Move bollards back and increase spacing
4High Rd/ Turpike La Junction S boundNo space to access ASL.  Improve access for cycles as sketch attached
5Turpike La/ Langham RdGood shared use area planned. Cycle access points and area of shared use need to be clearly marked/ signed, to avoid disconcerting pedestrians
6Langham Rd/ Westbury small private shops cut tro’Inconsiderate (and illegal) cycle use,  No Cycling sign needed
7Harringay Rd closureCycle gaps unusable, complete redesign needed with generous space ?use bollards
8Harringay RdNeeds to be 2-way for cycles, for access to St Ann’s Rd
9Park RdStop rat run by making No right turn at High Rd
10St Ann’s/ Salisbury RdVery dangerous left hook turn, extend pavement to tighten turn from St Ann’s
11Woodlands ParkExcessive rd width and turn radii.  Extend pavement to give tighter turns and improve pedestrian safety.  Double yellow needed at junction
12St Ann’s/ Brampton RdParking bays (next to zig-zags) obscure view of zebra. Move parking to Brampton Rd
13St Ann’s/ Brampton RdBus stop hemmed in by car parking.  Traffic review of St Ann’s could cover this and points above
14Ladder RoadsOne ways deter cycling (though Harringay Passage helps by allowing walk through to next road).  Select 1 or 2 roads for trial of 2 way cycling
15Warwick Gardens1st Bike Hangar in Haringey.  There is a demand for further provision.  Officers should identify locations where notifications can be combined with other work, to save cost.  See also detailed notes attached (to follow).  Fencing is due to be renewed
16Green LanesCycle numbers high in rush hours, good S bound bus lane.  Wide cycle lane can be provided N bound, without any reduction in road capacity
17Green Lanes/ Endymion/ HermitageDanger from N bound fast left turn to Endymion .  Only 1 S bound lane is really needed (S bound beyond to Manor Hse is 1 lane) so space can be reallocated to cycle lanes feeding to ASL’s at both junctions
18Entrances to Finsbury ParkAdditional entrances near Hermitage Rd and Wightman Rd would be great benefit to cycles and pedestrians.  (see drawing attached)
19Endymion/ Wightman roundaboutFast and some aggressive motorists- redesign needed. ?Possible speed table at W approach and other calming
19Wightman RoadVery hostile cycling conditions, aggravated by pinch points at numerous traffic islands.  Potential for reduction in car parking.  Could this be on alternate sides of road to give chicane effect, with islands removed and speed tables at junctions?  Possibility of parking on side roads and 45deg echelon parking at wider side roads?
20Western Road/ Mary Neuner RoadSome traffic too fast at bends.  Provide cycle lanes to protect cycles and reduce apparent road width.  Investigate safe pedestrian and cycle access to Alexandra School and Nursery.  Railing at bend is too long and inhibits access to nursery Further suggestion from HCC- reroute through traffic from N of Western Rd and from narrow Hornsey Park Rd, to Mayes RD/ Coburg Rd/ Mary Neuner Rd
21Penstock PathPrevent parking next to end of path