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Bring our words to life: your photos and videos are needed

Written by: Angus Macdonald

1 October 2023

We want to bring HCC’s communications to life, and for this, we would love your photos and videos.

We’ve got a new website and we want to make more of an impact with our articles, event listings, emails and social media posts. The right image or video can provide a real boost to our messaging and we’re hoping members and local residents can help.

What are we looking for?

Photos and videos we’re looking for include the following and we’re particularly interested in ones that are taken in Haringey:

Good cycle friendly infrastructure

We want examples of where there’s infrastructure or initiatives we’re proud of such as Low traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) , cycle lanes, school streets, good quality cycle parking, local bike shops and quiet routes.

Where things go wrong

Cars parked in bike lanes, poorly designed cycle infrastructure, roads that leave you uncomfortable cycling or somewhere where it’s strikingly obvious that a cycle lane or similar infrastructure would be appropriate.

People cycling in Haringey

Interested here in photos of people cycling around Haringey whether this be on an HCC ride or cycling independently. We’re particularly interested in photos that include people that have traditionally been under-represented (ethnic minorities, families, women etc). If people are clearly identifiable, we’d be grateful if you have permission from the people included – something that’s even more important if they’re children

How will photos be used?

Photos will be used just for Haringey Cycling Campaign’s communications in our work advocating for better provision for active travel and won’t be shared with third parties.

How can I submit photos?

If you use Google Photos to host your own photos?

Go to the relevant photo album (links below) and select the blue Join button and check out the some of the examples for inspiration:

Good cycle friendly infrastructure

Where things go wrong

People cycling in Haringey

When you’re in the photo album page, go to the Add Photo icon from the menu bar where you’ll be given the option of adding photo(s) from your photo library. Select the photo you want to include then select the blue Done button.

We would encourage you (definitely optional) to provide some details about the photo such as where it was taken (eg looking south down Crouch Hill Road) and any other details you might think are relevant (eg Bounds Green LTN)

If you don’t use Google Photos

Download the photos you want to share to your download folder. 

Go to WeTransfer

Select No thanks to Cookie policy if asked

I agree to WeTransfer’s Terms of Service

Use the Upload files option at the top of the dialogue box to select the photos from your Download folder (you can add multipe files as long as the combined total is less than 2gb (that’s a lot of photos or a very big video).

In the Email to field add

In the Your email field give you own email address

In the Title field add what collection you would like your photo added to (eg People cycling in Haringey)

In the Message field, you’re encouraged (although definitely optional) to add details about the photos or videos shared such as where the photos (eg Lordship Lane looking west) were taken and any other details which might be relevant (eg St Ann’s LTN) and then select the Blue Transfer button.

You will be sent a confirmation email to the address given in the Your email field which will trigger the photo transfer.