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How to improve your confidence on a bicycle

15 September 2023

When we’re out and about campaigning, one of the things we often hear from the people we speak to in and around Haringey is that a lack of confidence is a huge factor in preventing many of them from riding a bicycle.

Whether you are a first time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, Cycle Confident offer training free of charge for residents and anyone in education or working in Haringey. If you do not have a bike, mention this to Cycle Confident when you book and they can arrange to meet you with a loan bike. Their courses currently consist of three types for individual cyclists: Basic, Urban and Advanced. They also offer a course tailored to families, whether you and your family are novices to cycling or you all ride already but would like advice on specific routes, your instructor will tailor the session to meet your needs.

Someone receiving some cycle confidence training

If you’re looking for something slightly different, London Cycling Campaign offer an excellent Cycle Buddies scheme. This scheme aims to connect people wanting to cycle more with local buddies who want to help them. Buddies can then meet up in your part of London and ride together. If you’re interested in finding a Cycle Buddy in your part of London, you can sign up today.

Lots of people riding bicycles down a street
One of our regular family-friendly rides in Summer 2023

Finally, another great way to grow your confidence on a bike is to ride in a big group, preferably with some experienced cyclists around you. Haringey Cycling Campaign do regular family-friendly rides, which offer the perfect environment for beginner-cyclists to expand their comfort zone at a relaxed pace. We hope to see you on our next ride!