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Pledges to commit to HCC's 5 asks for the May 2022 local elections

28 April 2022

Candidates from the four main political parties in Haringey joined members of HCC on a ride on 27 April to experience a mix of better and worse cycling infrastructure in Haringey.

Candidates from the four main political parties in Haringey joined members of HCC on a ride on 27 April to experience a mix of better and worse cycling infrastructure in Haringey. We also asked each party to pledge to commit to Haringey Cycling Campaign’s 5 asks.

Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens [between them, receiving 92.5% of the votes cast in Haringey] all pledged:

On behalf of all 57 Haringey Liberal Democrat candidates I am happy to confirm our support for all of LCC’s policy asks, and in many cases want to go further, as set out in the Haringey Liberal Democrat manifesto.

Luke Cawley Harrison, Haringey Liberal Democrat leader

I regularly cycle in the borough, I love being active and getting places quickly but I often find being a two wheeled road user scary. Haringey Cycling Campaign have brilliant proposals to make cycling safer. These would not only benefit existing cyclists but encourage more people out of their cars to join us! We would all benefit from cleaner air.

Rosie Pearce, Green Party candidate for Seven Sisters Ward, writing on behalf of Emma Chan and Harry Chrispin, Haringey Green Party leaders

We’re really committed to delivering schemes that will fulfil these asks, however some of these schemes need funding from TfL, while others need further feasibility – if we don’t deliver the specific schemes listed, we’ll deliver schemes like them – for more detail on Haringey Labour’s take on the asks, see below and also the Haringey Labour manifesto

Mike Hakata, Haringey Labour deputy leader, writing on behalf of Peray Ahmet, Haringey Labour leader

Below is the detailed response from Mike Hakata to each of Haringey Cycling Campaign’s 5 asks:

Dear HCC,
Thank you for the pledges. My responses are below.

HCC Top 5 Priorities to be delivered and operational no later than May 2026:

1. Two additional north-south cycle lanes and a continuous east-west cycle lane
The cycle lanes must be fully segregated and must connect at both ends into the cycle lanes of neighbouring Boroughs. One of the north-south cycle lanes must go down Green Lanes and HCC to be consulted on all routes.

In the Walking and Cycling Action Plan passed by Cabinet in March we have already committed to and budgeted for several strategic cycle lanes which will criss-cross the borough. These include a North/South route along Green Lanes with the aim of running from Enfield to Hackney. The first stage of this work is fully funded and will focus on the Turnpike Lane to Finsbury Park section. We are also working on improving and extending Q10 from Bowes down to Turnpike Lane.   We will also install a route connecting Tottenham Hale to Northumberland Park and explore an additional lane along Wightman Rd. There are a number of East-West routes which are budgeted for and include work on CFR2, connecting Tottenham Hale to Camden, St Ann’s Rd, Lordship Lane, Tottenham Lane and White Hart Lane.
HCC will be consulted on all designs.

2. Commit to 100% Borough wide LTN coverage delivering 75% coverage by 2026
The phased implementation of LTNs should include the delivery of the greater of a minimum of 3 LTNs per year or LTN coverage to increase by 15% of the Borough per year.

This summer will see the rollout of 3 large LTNs in Bounds Green, Bruce Grove/West Green and St Ann’s, covering approximately 15% of the borough. Once capacity has been mapped out we will begin work on two further budgeted for LTNs in Alexandra North and North Tottenham. Design work will be undertaken this year and implementation will be next year. These two LTNs are both large and will cover another approximate 15%. We will explore the implementation of smaller schemes to compliment the schemes noted above during this time. It is our expectation to continue rolling out schemes at this pace and so should expect boroughwide coverage of 60% by 2026. However, it should be noted that we are undertaking other small and large-scale traffic management/public realm improvement schemes during this time which are not officially being named as LTNs such as the Ladder/Wightman/Endyminion/Turnpike& Green Lanes project and the Queens Street project on the border of Enfield.

3. School streets to be introduced for every school in Haringey
This includes Primary & Secondary schools and colleges. Where schools are located on main roads alternative safe cycling arrangements and air quality mitigations should be introduced. 

We have so far rolled out 23 school streets and have 2 more we expect to go live in the coming weeks. We have pledged to install 60 over the course of the next 4 years which will mean every school, including secondaries, which are able to have a school street will have one.

4. To commit to Vision Zero: eliminating all serious cycle injuries caused by motor vehicles 
Haringey’s cycle injury elimination strategy must include reducing speed limits to 20mph on all remaining 30mph & 40mph roads by 2024 and upgrading all dangerous road junctions.

Cabinet passed the Road Danger Reduction Action Plan in the March Cabinet which underlines our commitment to Vision Zero. We are investing millions in safe walking schemes including improved public realm, pavements, crossings, signs and speed mitigation measures.

5. Create a pro-cycling culture in Haringey 
This should include additional school cycle training (including every primary school pupil to be given Level 1-3 training continuing to secondary school) and every transport interchange, town centre, retail parade, residential street and residential estate to have either a bike hangar or cycle stand.

We are exploring an alternative model to cycle training in order to safeguard and expand provision across the borough as well as build the best working terms and conditions for trainers.

Mike Hakata, Haringey Labour deputy leader
Candidates from the four main parties viewing newly finished work on CS1